It is not uncommon for many users to use weak passwords because they are less difficult to remember or to use scripts, templates and plug-ins that are not updated for a long period of time. In either of these situations, it will not be hard for a hacker to take over the Internet site and immediately after that to take control of other sites which are hosted in the same account. To avoid such a scenario, we have added an excellent security option called JailHost. It restricts the access that a script has only to its own folder, so in case one of your Internet sites is compromised, the attacker will see its content, but won't be able to access any other content inside your account, so the damage will be minimal. Of course, using JailHost doesn't substitute the security measures you must always take by keeping your scripts up-to-date and using long and complex passwords, still it will allow you to limit the damage to one site only.
JailHost in Shared Hosting
If you host your sites in a shared hosting account from our company, you will be able to protect them using the JailHost feature with just a few mouse clicks within your Hepsia Control Panel. This option is accessible with all plans and can be activated for every folder as the domains and subdomains in Hepsia have different folders, so files for different websites don't get mixed up like it often happens with other Control Panels. We have not activated JailHost by default because you could use scripts which need access to folders outside the main site folder and this option may interfere with their correct functioning, but securing all of the other folders is simple and easy. If a protected Internet site gets hacked for some reason, we will be able to recover it quickly because we will have multiple daily backup copies of your entire account and you will even be able to view the available backups using Hepsia.
JailHost in Semi-dedicated Servers
In case you have a semi-dedicated server account, you will be able to start JailHost with a couple of clicks in your Hepsia Control Panel as we have included this option in all of our semi-dedicated packages. It isn't activated by default simply because you might use an app that needs access to other folders inside the account and JailHost could cause problems, but you'll be able to secure all other sites by isolating them from each other. This is really easy as in Hepsia all domains and subdomains have separate folders. In contrast, a number of other Control Panels save the content of multiple sites in subfolders under a main domain, so only one hacked site there will mean that all of them will be hacked. With Hepsia, just one website could possibly get damaged and even if this happens, we can quickly restore it thanks to the multiple daily backup copies which we will keep, meaning that you can go ahead and update it after that to protect it from potential future attacks.