Dreamweaver is one of the most widespread desktop apps for setting up professionally looking websites. It provides many features which include a variety of templates and it gives you the option to make interactive menus and buttons without any computer programming skills or previous experience. Furthermore, more tech-savvy users can create or update the website code manually as well. In addition, you can include contact forms in order to make it easier for your site visitors to reach you. Dreamweaver has various advantages over online website design platforms - you can create and update a variety of websites simultaneously, and you'll always have a backup copy on your computer if you delete content from your website hosting server by accident. You'll be able to publish and update a site made with Dreamweaver straight from the app.
Dreamweaver Compatible in Shared Hosting
We support websites designed with Dreamweaver, therefore whatever shared hosting plan you will pick, you will be able to employ this application in order to build and maintain your online presence. You won't even have to employ a third-party FTP client or log in to the Hepsia website hosting Control Panel to upload the content. You are able to simply add the FTP information for your account in the Dreamweaver settings and the program will connect to our cloud platform and duplicate all the content that you have created on your laptop or desktop computer. In addition, you can edit your website in the exact same way and with no difficulties - the current files on our servers will be overwritten by the new ones, so the updated content that you publish will go live without delay.
Dreamweaver Compatible in Semi-dedicated Servers
You'll be able to use Dreamweaver with all the semi-dedicated hosting plans that we provide as our custom-built cloud website hosting platform is compatible with this app and you will even be able to publish the site which you've created directly from it. You won't need an FTP client or even the Hepsia Control Panel since you can simply enter your account FTP info when you hit the Publish button and Dreamweaver will copy everything that you've made in the account on our end. The exact same steps are valid when you want to edit any web page - the recent content will replace the previous one, which means that your updated website will be live instantly. In case you want to have a couple of sites, you are able to create multiple FTP accounts from the Control Panel and set each of them to have access just to a specific folder where Dreamweaver will publish the content.