A data center could be explained as a complex warehouse for servers. That is a facility which accommodates a huge number of servers used by companies for storing data and files or for performing computation services at a huge scale. Hosting, search engines and huge social networks are just a few examples of the services which need data centers for their hosting servers since they cannot function on one machine. The facilities maintain the heat range, humidity, electrical power and connection backups in order to ensure the most effective and consistent work of all servers located there. All data centers include 24/7 monitoring and minimize the access to the machines in order to make sure that the hosting servers are protected all the time. The quality of any online service that you get often depends not just on the firm you communicate with, but also on the data center they use.
Data centers in Shared Hosting
If you choose to get a shared hosting plan from our company, you will be able to select between 5 data centers on the order page and you can have your account set up in Colohouse (Chicago, United States), UK Servers (Coventry, United Kingdom), Amaze (Sydney, AU), Ficolo (Pori, Finland) or S3Company (Sofia, Bulgaria). We have web servers in various locations in order to offer you a choice to pick the most suitable one for your sites, so both you and your site visitors shall enjoy great loading speeds. Each one of the facilities provides 24/7 technical support, power generators and several Internet routes through some of the biggest Internet service providers in the given country. In addition to our revolutionary cloud Internet hosting platform, this means basically no service disturbances of any type, so your websites might be functioning continuously. The facilities are amongst the largest ones in the world and some of them house even government servers, so collocating our machines there allows us to concentrate on presenting new services and improving the existing ones constantly.
Data centers in Semi-dedicated Servers
Our very effective semi-dedicated server solutions are available in five data centers worldwide with the goal to provide you with the opportunity to get the best possible hosting service for your Internet sites regardless of where you or your visitors are located. Once you reach the order page, you'll be able to pick Colohouse in the USA, UK Servers in the United Kingdom, S3Company in Bulgaria, Ficolo in Finland or Amaze in AU. We've selected these facilities because they offer exceptional services and are able to keep all hosting servers that are part of our sophisticated cloud Internet hosting platform functioning all the time and at their best capacity. Each facility uses numerous backbone Internet companies with multi-gigabit routes, diesel generators and powerful UPS units as a failsafe in the event of an infrastructural problem. They all also have knowledgeable 24/7 technical support crews that can easily react very quickly to any unforeseen problem that appears. Using these data centers permits us to focus on enhancing our services all the time, so we canprovide you with the very best Internet hosting service for your sites.
Data centers in Dedicated Servers
In case you require plenty of computing power for your websites and you buy one of the dedicated server plans we offer, you will be able to take advantage of the superb service that our Chicago-based data center offers. The Colohouse facility is where our dedicated servers are kept and hosting your websites there will enable you to reach the whole North American continent effortlessly. Direct connections with the East and West Coasts, with several major cities in the area and even across the Atlantic guarantee the high access speeds to your web content. Your machine will never be unavailable because it will have its own highly effective UPS unit which will keep it functioning until 1.5 MW diesel generators start working in the event that there is a power disruption. The 24/7 server support team will react instantly in the event that there's any problem with your server and we have spares and whole backup hosting servers inside the facility, so your sites shall be operational no matter what.