Though managing a standalone hosting server is not very difficult, it involves more management tasks when compared with a shared hosting account, because the web server where the latter is set up is always managed by the provider. Things like updating the software and keeping track of the web server to ensure that it is up and running are only a small part of these tasks. In this light, you'll need to spend more time managing the server, so if you have not had a hosting server before and you're not really certain what you have to do and how to do it, you can benefit from a number of optional administration services. This way, you can focus on the content of your websites and on your Internet marketing strategies instead of spending hours on tedious tasks.
Administration Services in Dedicated Servers
The administration services come with a wide variety of tasks which our system administrators can carry out on your dedicated server, whichever package you've chosen upon signup. They can be added together to your account, or you can order them one by one, determined by what responsibilities you wish to hand over to the administrator crew. The tasks include weekly Operating System updates that will keep the machine stable and safe, tracking and restarting procedures if any software issue occurs, content backups on an individual hosting server weekly and any other custom task that you might require. The last service is available for as long as you need it, so even if you must install several apps or to troubleshoot several scripts, for instance, our admins shall assist you in a very timely and professional manner.